Rugby ties – support your club with pride

Our rugby ties will show you support and “try” to honour your club.

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Style and support for your club or organisation  makes you proud.

rugby ties

Rugby ties – rugby union, rugby league and more . . .

We are specialists in rugby ties and can provide ties to represent the following:

  • Continent ties
  • Country ties
  • Rugby league ties
  • Dual code international ties
  • Rugby union ties
  • Champion ties
  • Competition ties
  • Rugby media ties
  • Club ties
  • Womens rugby ties
  • Rugby club ties
  • Rugby organisation ties
  • Rugby seven ties
  • Girls rugby
  • Wheelchair rugby

Custom rugby ties:

You can customise your rugby ties in many ways:

Add your organisations name, logo, image or contact details to the tie.

You may discuss the best options for a style of your choice and colours with Carole.

For prices, quotes and more information please use our Enquiry Form.

Or simply ring Carole on 01274 880072.

You may choose from a standard set up or discuss a unique design:

We produce three types of ties with special motifs or crests:

  1. Woven jacquard.

  2. Screen printed.

There are also striped ties, which can be supplied just as stripes or a combination of motifs and stripes.

Woven Jacquard Ties – Often referred to as crested or motif ties this style is made from fabric which is specially woven to the individual requirement of each customer, and is therefore unique to that customer.

The minimum quantity is normally 100 ties per design, but smaller quantities of say 50 or 75 per design can be manufactured at a surcharge.

This process can weave virtually any design; repeating motifs, underknot motifs, motifs at the tip of the tie, or ghosted motifs.

All of these or a combination of them can be created on different types of background weaves.

Screen Printed Ties – These are ideal for the organisation which needs a small quantity or which is not well endowed with funds.

Stock ties are always kept in popular colours such as navy, maroon, bottle green, grey, black or brown, along with various colourways with woven stripes which repeat throughout the tie, or just two sets of stripes in the underknot position, between which the motif is printed.

Striped Ties – This style is great for those organisations that do not require crests to appear. Many rugby clubs simply represent their club with their colours, whilst others prefer to add the club name or logo.

Dye Printed Ties – Min order 50. Ideal for complicated designs such as tartans – great for mixing up with tartan kilts etc.. Available in polyester and silk ideal for teaming up to matching scarves.

Rugby ties in silk or polyester.

Silk ties or polyster ties – you choose!

The quality of all our products is first class, but why not judge for yourself?

To enable you to come to a decision we will be pleased to send any samples you require, but we must ask you to return them after your appraisal.

Please note that all despatches are subject to carriage and VAT (except children’s sizes).

We will be pleased to give any further help or information you may require.

For prices, quotes and more information please use our Enquiry Form.

Or simply ring Carole on 01274 880072.