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Company profile

Who we are…

Filaspun was Founded in 1956 initially manufacturing College Scarves and going on to introduce Bespoke Custom ties for Companies, Universities Rugby Clubs, Golf Clubs, Associations, Museums etc

What we do…

Inspired Designs created by our Artists offering a superb range of woven polyester ties, woven silk ties, Printed Silk ties, printed polyester ties, matching bow ties, scarves cravats, and waistcoats are available.

Special labels and Presentation Boxes are available. Ladies Printed Scarves are available in silk or polyester.
WE HAVE AN EXCELLENT RANGE OF Badges, Plaques, Umbrellas, promotional clothing, enamalware, lapel badges, cuff links etc..
Please let us know your requirements so we can prepare quotes and sketches.

Neck Ties – We produce many types of neck ties, polyester woven silk, woven poly silk, woven dye printed ties, screen printed ties, school ties, etc. Many different weaves are available incorporating crests, stripes, shadows, fashion weaves, etc. Custom made to your own requirements. Minimums from 50 sketch services provided. A fuller description is given below.

Woven Jacquard Ties – Often referred to as crested or motif ties this style is made from fabric which is specially woven to the individual requirement of each customer, and is therefore unique to that customer. The minimum quantity is normally 100 ties per design, but smaller quantities of say 50 or 75 per design can be manufactured at a surcharge. This process can weave virtually any design; repeating motifs, underknot motifs, motifs at the tip of the tie, or ghosted motifs. All of these or a combination of them can be created on different types of background weaves. These weaves are many and varied, from the traditional reppe weave which has served the club tie industry so well for many years, to the more modern satin weave which enables a better definition of the motif, and now, of course, shadow weaves and fashion weave backgrounds. There are also different qualities of fabrics from the ever popular polyester to pure silk and polyester/silk mixture.
Our method of working is that we submit a coloured artwork design of the proposed layout of the tie, and at which time a firm quotation in the quality or qualities required. Once a firm order is placed and the artwork returned we then cut the jacquard cards for the loom, and submit a final woven pattern in the colours and design selected. This process usually takes two to three weeks, and once approval of the pattern is given we then weave the cloth for the order, make up the ties and despatch around three to four weeks later.

Screen Printed Ties – These are ideal for the organisation which needs a small quantity or which is not well endowed with funds. Stock ties are always kept in popular colours such as navy, maroon, bottle green, grey, black or brown, along with various colourways with woven stripes which repeat throughout the tie, or just two sets of stripes in the underknot position, between which the motif is printed. The advantage of the screen printed tie is that a sample tie can be produced for the cost of the screens before an order is put into work. Invariably the design is reproduced in the underknot position, though repeating motifs are also available where eight motifs are printed on the front of the tie, ending just below the knot when the tie is tied. The minimum order is only 25. A major advantage of this style is the speed of manufacture should a ‘panic order’ arise. A sample tie is submitted within seven working days, with the order following a week after approval of the sample, and on some occasions these times can be reduced.

Striped Ties – This style is reminiscent of the Regimental designs of yesteryear, but they still play an important part for those organisations that do not require crests to appear. Many Old Scholars and Club designs are still produced in this way. The minimum is only thirty six. Other qualities – silk or polyester/silk – available in the usual wide range of background weaves and colours. A woven pattern in the chosen colourway is always submitted for final approval prior to weaving the fabric for the order.

groupshotDye Printed Ties – Min order 50. Ideal for complicated designs such as tartans. Available in polyester and silk ideal for teaming up to matching scarves.

Cravats and Bow Ties – These items can be made from all the above types of material. If they are required as part of a tie order it is often possible to supply a small quantity, though if ordered on their own, larger quantities are required, depending upon the type of fabric ordered. Further information on request..

Waistcoats – An increasingly popular item – especially amongst rugby clubs – is a striped or crested garment made from the same material as the club ties. The minimum order is only twelve if being produced at the same time as the ties, otherwise an order of fifty is needed.

University/College Style Scarves – Made from pure new wool, these scarves are the ideal way to keep the cold winter wind at bay! A wide range of colours is available to match almost any required layout of striped pattern. Three lengths are made – 60″(152cms), 66″(167cms), 72″(182cms) – with a usual width of 10″-11″(25cm-28cm), though other sizes can be supplied. The minimum order is only 24 – though 12 can be supplied at surcharge. It is usual practice to submit a small sample prior to making the order. Despatch of this pattern is usually within a day and the order two/three weeks from approval.

Printed Satin Pennants – These garments can be produced in several variations. It is usual to embroider designs on sweatshirts and polo shirts and print on T-shirts, though print is sometimes used on sweatshirts. Minimums start at 24 garments per type, though on large orders is possible to assort over any of the three. Children’s sizes are also produced.

Sweatshirts/Polo Shirts/ T-Shirts – These garments can be produced in several variations. It is usual to embroider designs on sweatshirts and polo shirts and print on T-shirts, though print is sometimes used on sweatshirts. Minimums start at 24 garments per type, though on large orders is possible to assort over any of the three. Children’s sizes are also produced.

Embroidered Sweaters – Two qualities of lambswool sweaters are available. A heavyweight 15 gauge and a lighter 21 gauge. Sizes are from 34″/36″(81cm/91cm) to 46″/48″(116cm/122cm). An acrylic sweater is also produced in sizes 36″-46″(91cm-116cm), along with junior sizes from 22″-32″ in 2″(5cm) increments. Slipovers are also available in lambswool or acrylic. All our prices include a normal amount of embroidery, but not the cost of the embroidery tape or disc necessary to instruct the embroidery machine. The minimum order is twenty four in assorted sizes as required, in a wide range of standard colours. Further details on request.

Badges – We produce four kinds of textile badges – hand embroidered, machine embroidered, woven and screen printed. Hand embroidered badges are worked in gold or silver wire and silks with a minimum of just one badge. Machine embroidered badges have a minimum of thirty six, and each design has to be costed according to the number of stitches involved and also the quantity of badges. It is therefore impossible to give prices until the specification is known. Woven badges carry a minimum order of one hundred, and again we also need to know design details to quote. Screen printed badges are supplied on a white cotton twill background and are an inexpensive option well worth considering. Several background shapes are provided on the basis of 4″ or 3.5″ (10cm or 9cm) in shield, square, circular or oblong shapes. Prices vary according to the number of colours used in the design, for a minimum of thirty six. A screen charge, and also for each subsequent colour is charged. White should not be counted as a colour as the background material provides this. Sponsor patches with a finished size of 32 square inches are also made by this method, with a minimum of twenty patches. Screen charges are added.

Wooden Plaques – The most popular size for domestic or clubhouse use is 7″ x 6″ (174mm x 150mm) but various other sizes are available up to 22″ x 18″ (550mm x 450mm). We have records of most organisations and clubs in the UK and overseas, and are always pleased to add a new design to our library. A separate leaflet gives full information.

Baseball Hats – These are five panel cotton twill with a plastic size adjuster – one size fits all – in various colours; there is also a version in half mesh style but in a more limited colour range. These caps are ideal for printing a club logo, as there is only a requirement for twelve hats. One colour print only on white hats. Machine embroidery is a further option for some designs.

Earthenware Mugs – An ideal way to promote your logo. A minimum order of only one hundred, with prices depending upon the number of colours in the design.

Metal Enamelware – Hard metal badges – not to be confused with soft metal imports – are manufactured in a number of different styles. Assuming that the same die can be used for all items, it is possible to assort the order over lapel badges, cuff links, tie tacs, pendant necklaces etc. Enamelled key fobs are also obtainable in a wide variety of styles. The minimum order is fifty items per design, which can be assorted over any or all of the above, assuming that the same die can be used for all items. The die charge is on the first order to fit existing shapes, with extra charges if sculptured or moulded shapes are required.

Ladies Headsquares, Scarves and Floppy Bow Ties – We have a comprehensive range of standard screen set-ups upon which a club or company logo can be printed. In addition we are also able to supply on a unique design basis in quantities from fifty. This subject is extensive, but with such a wide range available, would suggest that it be better to obtain full information in the special leaflets available on request.

Sports/Golf Umbrellas – 29.5″(75cm) x 8 panels solid ribbed frame with aluminium colour co-ordinated shaft. All manufacture in England and not a cheap import. A minimum order from 25, and there is also a shooting stick variety and also a ladies version. A special leaflet gives full information.

The quality of our products? – why not judge for yourself? – To enable you to come to a decision we will be pleased to send any samples you require, but we must ask you to return them after your appraisal.

Please note that all despatches are subject to carriage and VAT (except children’s sizes).

We will be pleased to give any further help or information you may require. Please use our Enquiry Form.

35 Leaventhorpe Lane, Bradford
West Riding of Yorkshire