Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs, printed mugs, cups, pottery and gifts combined come with a friendly service and competitive prices from a UK supplier.

Personalised mugs – bulk orders only:

Personalising mugs is an ideal way to promote your business or organisation using a logo or a name or simply colours.

A minimum order of only one hundred, with prices depending upon the number of colours in the design.

Personalised mugs and corporate gifts – the real value:

Employees and staff and volunteers, in fact almost everyone will cherish a gift more than a randomly used item.

Most people drink every day from random mugs and cups etc. If they have a favourite then they will search it out and prefer to use it more frequently than any other. The emotions behind our preferences go deeper than looks, and in much the same way as we may love or like a person in preference to another, regardless of their looks – we may feel the same way about a simple mug or corporate gift.

When someone is given a corporate mug or gift, then depending how that gift is given (and this is important) then they will most likely cherish it. They will seek out and use this mug every day and when they enjoy their drink they will associate this positive experience with their corporate identity. The mug or gift will become associated with a positive daily experience and the value of this may be used to further more positive energy.

Great value for money:

Printed mugs are a lovely gift in theĀ  corporate gift world, because of their low cost and utility – and becasue of this unseen value. Promotional mugs can be used by any industry sector, and are often cherished by their owners.

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