Blazer badges

Textile Blazer Badges:

Blazer badges

We produce four kinds of textile badges – hand embroidered, machine embroidered, woven and screen printed. Hand embroidered badges are worked in gold or silver wire and silks with a minimum of just one badge. Machine embroidered badges have a minimum of thirty six, and each design has to be costed according to the number of stitches involved and also the quantity of badges.

It is therefore impossible to give prices until the specification is known. Woven badges carry a minimum order of one hundred, and again we also need to know design details to quote. Screen printed badges are supplied on a white cotton twill background and are an inexpensive option well worth considering. Several background shapes are provided on the basis of 4″ or 3.5″ (10cm or 9cm) in shield, square, circular or oblong shapes.

Prices vary according to the number of colours used in the design, for a minimum of thirty six. A screen charge, and also for each subsequent colour is charged. White should not be counted as a colour as the background material provides this. Sponsor patches with a finished size of 32 square inches are also made by this method, with a minimum of twenty patches. Screen charges are added.

In addition to cap badges, blazer badges, cufflinks and tie clips we provide custom UK made hard metal badges.

Custom badges, specifically:

  • Cap badges
  • Blazer badges
  • Sew on badges
  • Baseball cap badges
  • Sports badges
  • Lapel badges
  • Embroidered badges
  • School uniform badges
  • Woven badges

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